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Worlds End South Africa


Deep in the heart of Africa, we grow the cleanest cannabis you will find. We pay little attention to the commercial/business aspect, and instead are focused on purity, quality, and the best experience we can put in a package to deliver to you.

Our plants are free from pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful additives. Our plants are free from heavy metals. We sacrifice nothing to make sure we have the best product we are able to create with nature's help.

Our team focuses on a long cure time so the final product you consume is velvet smooth.

We strive for the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility, public transparency, and balance profit with purpose. Solving society’s biggest issues can not be the burden of governments and non-profits alone. Reducing inequality and poverty alleviation. A cleaner, healthier planet. Better opportunity for employment to create dignity and self-purpose. These are issues that belong to us all.

Exceptional corporate responsibility allows us to use profit and growth to achieve these changes. The quality of life of our employees, communities, and the environment are central to our company ethos.

Our clean agricultural practices allow for healthy, organic products. These products will enrich the lives of those in our sphere of contact and help ease poverty through skills and knowledge transfer.

Our efforts are honest and pure. Our products, wholesome and healthy. We strive to be ethical in all that we do.

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