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The fastest delivery method for cannabis medication is inhalation. Zambezi Blue pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes are made from the highest quality materials.

Medical cannabis


Cannabis is used medically to relieve a host of issues. The plant is used recreationally, too but is invaluable as a medication. We are here to help you. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to point you to the right treatment.


Promotes relaxation

Some cannabis strains will completely relax you. If you are feeling strung out, try an Indica dominant strain to get chilled.


Increase appetitie

Some people call it 'the munchies'. Whatever you call it, some cannabis strains will help you eat more.


Fight insomnia

Terpenes such as linalool, present in some strains can help with sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, cannabis might be able to help.


Relieve pain

Pain is a major cause of distress worldwide. Several cannabis strains are great at helping manage pain afflictions.


Increased energy

Struggling to get your energy levels up? Cannabis can help with energy, creativity, and motivation. Ask about a Sativa 'pick me up!'


Improves mood

Depressed, anxious or just down? Cannabis helps improve and brighten your mood. Feel better with medical cannabis today.

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Terpene profiles, flavenoid profiles and different cannabinoids create different effects. A basic outline, however, is that a Sativa or Sativa dominant strain is uplifting. An Indica dominant strain conversely will relax. Hybrid strains (a mixture of the two), affect depending on the dominant lineage.

CBD cannabis flower

High CBD

High CBD strains generally contain low THC levels. These strains help with many afflictions including pain relief, tremor issues and sleep disorders.



Indica strains are generally relaxing depending on terpene profile and are more suitable for evening use.



Hybrid strains are created by crossing the genetics from an Indica and a Sativa plant. The effects vary widely depending on the dominant lineage.



Sativa strains usually will create a vibrant, creative effect. Sativa strains are usually very good at treating eating disorders and increase appetite.

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Read, learn, share!

If you have any knowledge you would like to share, please get in touch. We love sharing guest posts. Our blog is a community effort. Cannabis is still relatively new, as such experiences welcome!

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